A person only messages till the time he/she receives a response or hope to receive one. Once it is not there, there won't be any more messages. Because there's a limit to each and every person. Not limit, but a inner gut feeling that there is no reciprocal. And, instead of getting hurt, it's better... Continue Reading →

Crush to Strangers

Ever had a crush on someone?Ever talked to them?It is hard to not talk or start a conversation but impossible to forget.....Have you ever went ahead with sharing your posts everywhere hoping that your crush sees them and when they do, how does or would it feel?Awesome, Ok, Doesn't Matter, Bad, Who cares?

Text Talk vs In-Person Talk

In-Person talk is like the best thing. You know exactly what the other person is feeling, judging by their expressions and their eyes. Everyone, hopefully wants to indulge in this kind of talk. But then the whole definition changes when you are an introvert type of person. Sometimes, not an introvert but just too shy... Continue Reading →

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