Crush Feelings

You just don’t know what to do exactly. You get angry. It makes you irrational. You post/message your feelings. Re-read it again after posting. Get a moment of self-reflection. It was not the right thing to post/message even, and you shouldn’t have done that. Just, how do you kill your feelings. It’s almost impossible. You... Continue Reading →

A note to everyone

Don't tell a girl what she needs to or needs not to do. She has her own life to do with. So, any man who does that thing of forcing her is basically doing a crime... Hoping/Wanting a person to do a certain thing VS telling them to do a certain thing in a certain... Continue Reading →


Definition of love- you like the other person. You want them to be forever happy. That's all. No expectations at all. If you are or were expecting something, that's not love. That's just lust. Definition of hate- There is a difference between not liking a person (disliking) vs hating a person. The other person doesn't... Continue Reading →

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