Self-Publishing Detailed

This one would be all about details and know how to. I would refrain from getting into humor. To all budding writers thinking of getting their books out into the market and for whom sending books to various publishers was not helpful. For starters, It's better if you try Amazon Kindle . Basically, because it's... Continue Reading →

My author journey!

Hello friends! Before going through all that text below, kindly note that whatever I have written is 100% true and not made up. I would never want to lie on something as this. This is one such topic wherein anyone can write books after books and no-one reading them, until someone else finds you worth... Continue Reading →


I am starting this with money... So, you are wondering why is it always that i am talking about in my previous post. Money doesn't come for free. Well, If someone robs a bank and leave a bag full of 2000rs bills at your doorstep and Mr.Modi's government didn't make any press release to... Continue Reading →

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