The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (22-09-2013)

Recently as on 22-09-2013(I copy pasted this from my old blog) i read “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho and i must say that, what a thought process this man has got…
If a person wants something truly by heart,then the whole universe conspires to get that for him“-this thing touched my heart.
God created us and at that time of making, he set the whole life story of every human being..We are just playing our part in it by the book and if by chang,e we get fed up by our daily schedule or if we truly desire for something else, then he opens the opportunity for us but at the same time creates an ultimate test to check whether we are capable of what we desire or not.
It is upon us to gaze inside, whether we really want that thing or not. It is mostly when we are close to eliminating those challenges and winning our part that we lose all hope.Those who doesn’t lose hope, no matter what ,are the winners.
If we have a true desire, than no matter how many days we bunked or wasted in doing something unfruitful, our heart makes us remember the desire again and again and again. A way in which god makes us remember. He wants to give us everything we desire, but not for free. As then, we won’t value the thing and this is mostly true.
He(god) is always with us, in our soul no matter what happens. He directs us in the right path where time is not a constraint but he never does anything bad to us. It’s just the perspective. There’s always good in what happens in our daily lives. Sometimes an obstacle may come in our path,and we would think that what wrong does he want to do to us. ‘I was to finish this job today’ . But it’s only for the better. You really don’t know what misfortune might happen.
It is love that creates in us, a desire to live, no matter what our living conditions are.
Heaven and Hell exist on earth, itself. It’s only our way of perception that matters. If a person is contended with his life and begs for nothing more ,then though it may not be providing him riches and comfort, he is living through his heaven…
If on the other hand,he has no love and desires to die, than this world has become a hell for him. And he just want to end this life, so that he/she can reincarnate again into some other personality. As if, that would really help. 
According to me, after death, every soul is judged by his good and bad workings in the past life. The soul is than divided, depending upon the good and bad workings of him…if more bad is there ,than the soul is divided into more number of parts and each part takes a life form whose life -good or bad depends upon his previous life workings..
In this book, the person’s dream was to roam and learn about as many places as he can. So, he decided to be a shepherd…but god is always looking after us, he knows that by being a shepherd, his true desire is not being fulfilled. So, by giving him a bait of treasure, he made him seek new places, fulfilling one part and on the other hand, he never tell lies. He wanted him to get the treasure but only through hard work and dedication. Only after that can a person understands it’s true value and put that to good use.

On the me front…

when i gave my JEE paper, I got struck on one question in the math paper of 6 marks and on that, I wasted 30 min instead of a maximum 5 minutes that i should have given it. That costed me the loss of 6 integer choice questions totaling about 24 marks and they were damn easy. If then, I would have done the right thing, I would have got a rank under 500 and my dream branch and not this textile branch..
I blamed god for that, though it was my own fault. But everything happens for a reason. There is always something better kept for us, if we didn’t get what we desire.

Just like my crush saying “a big NO” to me and telling me to be friends.

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