Sometimes a sunshine will enter your window, sometimes you won’t be able to see that little ray because the sun will be hidden behind a grey cloud. What if you can’t see it? What if the shine in your smile shined just like the sun. How is it possible? It’s possible with love. Love makes shine to what has never shone. If you put love in what you do and fight every new day, the grey cloud will never leave when you least expect it and it will be there, in that moment of having achieved that you crave, where you will see the 4 You’ll get that smile that I told you about and you’ll say: I made it. Maybe you cry and that’s okay, they won’t be tears of pain, but happiness. So, come on, do it, fight, but with love. Give love to your days with a cup of hope, a spoonful of energy and you will have a dish of harmony that you will never be able to find in any restaurant of life.

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