Sweet as sugar!

There are two kinds of nice people... People who are really nice and people who pretend to be nice because they have some motive...Do you think this is it OR there is some other kind of people too???

On National Doctors Day

Happy National Doctors Day!Keep on working hard , especially the yet to be people.No one want the other person to die, and we know that a good doctor is always trying hard to give his profession more priority than his/her personal life...Losing people hurts, whether you personally know them or not...So, please don't think that... Continue Reading →

Something on parents

We get to know the importance of someone when that person or thing is not in our life on a daily basis.A parent-less child yearns for parents not because he/she doesn't have one but because he/she saw someone getting love from their parents.That's basically knowledge. Had we never known what something is, we never would... Continue Reading →


Definition of love- you like the other person. You want them to be forever happy. That's all. No expectations at all. If you are or were expecting something, that's not love. That's just lust. Definition of hate- There is a difference between not liking a person (disliking) vs hating a person. The other person doesn't... Continue Reading →

Rape Culture

I am not pointing towards any particular news because it's always the same. Everyday it's the same. A person or child got raped and then nothing happened that would really make a difference to stop this from happening ever again. The culprit goes free, spends some time in jail or it's life imprisonment. It's always... Continue Reading →


I really love the concept of how people marry in the western countries. Love is a necessity (It always is), you get married with the help of a priest or in a church wherein very close friends and relatives attend the auspicious event. Unlike our country-India, wherein it's either arranged by your parents or a... Continue Reading →

Text Talk vs In-Person Talk

In-Person talk is like the best thing. You know exactly what the other person is feeling, judging by their expressions and their eyes. Everyone, hopefully wants to indulge in this kind of talk. But then the whole definition changes when you are an introvert type of person. Sometimes, not an introvert but just too shy... Continue Reading →

Failure & Regret!!!

  What does it feel like to not get the thing you want? And, what if it was something that you give all your energy into and still, it was a NO? Yes, It hurts like HELL. It's like your lifelong best-friend backstabbing you. OR maybe in the current generation, your girlfriend #metoo-ing you 😅... Continue Reading →

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