Text Talk vs In-Person Talk

In-Person talk is like the best thing. You know exactly what the other person is feeling, judging by their expressions and their eyes. Everyone, hopefully wants to indulge in this kind of talk. But then the whole definition changes when you are an introvert type of person. Sometimes, not an introvert but just too shy... Continue Reading →

Failure & Regret!!!

  What does it feel like to not get the thing you want? And, what if it was something that you give all your energy into and still, it was a NO? Yes, It hurts like HELL. It's like your lifelong best-friend backstabbing you. OR maybe in the current generation, your girlfriend #metoo-ing you 😅... Continue Reading →

My author journey!

Hello friends! Before going through all that text below, kindly note that whatever I have written is 100% true and not made up. I would never want to lie on something as this. This is one such topic wherein anyone can write books after books and no-one reading them, until someone else finds you worth... Continue Reading →

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