Self-Publishing Detailed

This one would be all about details and know how to. I would refrain from getting into humor. To all budding writers thinking of getting their books out into the market and for whom sending books to various publishers was not helpful. For starters, It's better if you try Amazon Kindle . Basically, because it's... Continue Reading →


I am starting this with money... So, you are wondering why is it always that i am talking about in my previous post. Money doesn't come for free. Well, If someone robs a bank and leave a bag full of 2000rs bills at your doorstep and Mr.Modi's government didn't make any press release to... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishing vs Whatever?

When I started writing my first book, all I ever thought about was getting it complete and then to leave the story at a point which would hook the reader to my next book. There was peace in my mind, thinking of- "I just need to write some 200 pages and then no one can... Continue Reading →

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