Crush Feelings

You just don’t know what to do exactly. You get angry. It makes you irrational. You post/message your feelings. Re-read it again after posting. Get a moment of self-reflection. It was not the right thing to post/message even, and you shouldn’t have done that. Just, how do you kill your feelings. It’s almost impossible. You can decrease them from like 100% to 70% to 40%, but simply killing- Is there a way to do that?

There’s literally no solution, no solution at all. Let time fly away and everything would be OK. You can think that way. Hopefully!

You don’t even know if hating someone you like is considered as HATE or LOVE.

Hoping to understand someone, but in the end, you are left 30 feet down.

It’s not like you were hoping something when situated beyond seas or 1000s of kilometers with no chance to meet or know someone more. There’s no motive. Just curiousness. Maybe, you are evil, you were expecting something. You were hoping they would share some time of their day with you.

They help you understand the qualities you are missing and you do the same. But, in the end, you both didn’t understand each other and didn’t even put in an effort to understand. A connection was missing because you are living different lives.

Everything is so different. Yet, you felt a connection.

But, you think ignoring is good. It may be, if you want to hurt the person more. As if, taking a revenge. Ignoring may be a good way to make a person think about you more, to love you more. When you leave home and go out, don’t you miss your family. Don’t you miss the happy things that happened with them, the happy days. It’s just like that.

If you don’t have any feelings, just go ahead and tell the person a single “NO” or just block them from everywhere, so, you don’t have to see them and they won’t be able to see you. This would hurt a lot less than making them hurt every day.

Being with someone everyday doesn’t make you love them more, because, you don’t remember how happy they make you. You just don’t think much about them then.


But the problem is – If both of them are thinking the same thing, what would happen? Nothing?

Don’t know. It’s a killing ground.

Mutual is always scary. You didn’t had any expectations, but thought the other person had or they didn’t had any expectations, but they thought you had. It’s damn complex.

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