Why do people leave or want to leave their jobs?

  • There is always a person at work that you don’t like. But, this is not always something to leave your job. There are a lot many people who love you too.
  • You feel like if you stay with your current , there won’t be any further professional growth in yourself.
  • You want more money, that only a job switch can ensure. But, loving what you do is more important than money.
  • You are a true engineer: Then, you love experimenting. How would you know a certain field of job is good/not good unless you experience it?
  • You have a certain career goal in your life and want yourself to be at a certain position/level at a certain age. So, if your current job is detrimental to it, leave that.

How much should you earn? 

Enough, so that it takes care of you and your family needs and one in where you don’t need to beg someone for money, even your parents. At one point, you need to tell them to enjoy their money for themselves. 

And, you just can’t repay them what they spent on you because it is beyond money, time and commitment. 

It can’t be measured.

The main thing is if you don’t love something or someone even after repeated attempts to make it a go, leave them.

If you got it in you, you would get everything.

People who love you will get back to you. 

You generally don’t love everything about a person, just a few things that really matter.

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