Rape Culture

I am not pointing towards any particular news because it’s always the same.
 Every day it’s the same.
A person or child got raped and then nothing happened that would really make a difference to stop this from happening ever again. 

The culprit goes free, spends some time in jail or it’s life imprisonment. 

It’s always one of them. 

Would it make a difference? 

Nope. It won’t. 

It means nothing. 

Nothing at all. 

Give them pain worse than HELL.

Like who gave you the right to play with anyone’s life.
Not even leaving little kids alone. 

Is the human mentality this bad, that you can go and destroy anyone’s future, their dreams, their life?
How can anyone hurt a child? 

This is too much.
And who is the culprit always?

Some men. Yes, men. These people make it so hard for people like us to continue living. You hate even calling yourself a man.

Luckily I’m a boy. Ok, jokes apart, but this is a serious issue.

I just don’t understand how the government can take a bold move in other areas, but not in the rape case. Don’t you love your citizens or what it is, I just can’t understand?
And, it’s just not our country’s government, but everywhere in the world. It’s always the same.
The media just shows the news which is always the same, only the culprit and the victim changes and then the news dies out after a week or in case they get a piece of more spicy news.
If some people can’t understand the value of life and they are not ready to understand it, please instill fear in them. So much fear that they will think at least 100 times before doing anything bad.
Even the concept of KARMA is alien to them. 

People are not told that any bad action is going to have serious repurcusions in the afterlife.

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