Love or Hate

Definition of love

You like the other person.

You want them to be forever happy. 

That’s all. 

No expectations at all. 

If you are or were expecting something, that’s not love. 

That’s just lust.

Definition of hate

Necessary to understand someone.

There is a difference between not liking a person (disliking) vs hating a person.
The other person doesn’t need to do anything at all, and you may still not like them at all.
For hate, you need something, anything to think otherwise of the person.
Can you love a person 100%? 

It just tantamounts to saying that you don’t love yourself at all.

Speaking truly, you just can’t. 

No matter what you say to yourself.
If you don’t love them 100%, what do you do with the rest of the pie? 

You can be impartial or you can hate them to make it better.

The best way to take hate or to hate someone.
He/she did wrong to me. 

I don’t like this, I hate them. 

Now, remember a happy moment. 

But, they did this once and I loved them for this. 

OK, problem solved.
That’s how easy things are in life. 

If you just leave your anger, your ego for once.

The main thing is- 

love and hate are just two facets of life. 

Just like 2 sides of an unbiased coin.
If you can love someone, you can hate them too.
If you can hate someone, you can love them too.
It’s so easy. 

We are only making our life difficult and no one else.

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