I am starting this with money… So, you are wondering why is it always that i am talking about money… in my previous post.

Money doesn’t come for free. Well, if someone robs a bank and leaves a bag full of 2000rs bills on your doorstep and Mr.Modi’s government doesn’t make any press releases to discontinue them, then it’s totally another matter ( maybe i work at a bank or somewhere near and i am always thinking of some crazy ideas to rob one😈).

All other times, the one whose providing it is your father, your mother, your grandparents, your siblings, some lover or someone totally unrelated or you yourself.

Being from a middle class family is never easy. Let’s just say a certain sum of money is never enough for someone who doesn’t know its value. Sure, it fares at something on a scale of 20 when compared with love on a scale of 80. (This is just hypothetical. The ratio is never the same. Are you and I the same? No. Then why should it be too.)

I have one question that i have been eager to ask the world, not just
to my readers or to someone standing next to me.

If God gave you one wish- To make people happy or To make people cry? What would you choose?

(Let me tell you that I am an ardent believer of all that Ancient Alien thing and always googling out for secrets and books on that front.) The term God is too ambiguous. 🙏I am not telling you to forsake yours or stop believing🙏. Your parents are the gods in front of you. The person who saved you from your peril is a god. There’s a god(good) that resides within you. Seeing the brackets, this is what I believe it to be. I am leaving this matter here for now because I just imagined RSS people finding out my location from my social media.😣

Coming back….

I spent 7 years of my life thinking about my crush and later when I finally decided to talk, she rejected me. I am at fault, I know that. I just knocked on the wrong door at the wrong time. Is it?

I have made decisions that made me regret life, cry and all that stuff. You have too😶. But I don’t want the next person who reads my book to cry too. Let me say that thinking of or knowing that someone is smiling and laughing reading your works is not easy but neither is it easy to make someone totally cry off too.

I am not saying my books are the best. It’s an amateur’s attempt at writing. There are a lot of good books out there and I just want mine to be one of them. (Thinking is free right or did the government put a tax on it too. I am bad with this general knowledge stuff, so do let me know if I am wrong.)

This is something which you should keep a note of in your mind. If you meet and talk with some positive thinkers and they tell you to think- “My book is the best. I write awesome”. Then you are bound to go wrong. I have seen authors simply blocking reviewers when they give a lesser review than they expected or simply bad-mouthing the other person.

If critics went by thinking about what the author would think of their review, then there would be no need for them. Everyone can write their own happy reviews and the world will be happy asap. Do you think I am buttering the next critic reader reading this? Then why don’t you try and test it for yourself😒

Just an inliner- People looking to get into love, not the lust thing, and those looking forward to online love tips and quora too, you want to destroy whatever minimal chance you have at that, then surely do that. Anyone else, just be yourself but keep in mind that the most important tip is to try to talk to him/her. “Hi’s” may turn into small talk that can turn into bigger talks and in between love may happen. Just know that lies don’t remain in this world for too long.

Don’t curse me later if this doesn’t work. Even if you are still bent to, I got this really awesome white magic protective charm with me😎 which reverse fires if anyone throws something bad at me😅.

I wrote that above thinking of myself as a pro. When in reality, I am not just like that average boy. I have always been too shy to talk with someone. I am learning to overcome that day by day or let’s say on some days and growing out of my shyness. Maybe it’s just a phobia. Who knows. But until you try, it won’t go away. You learn that the hard way😞.

Having good or bad looks doesn’t make you an expert or a joker, your conversation skills matter the most. I am saying this because I have seen really bad boys get a girlfriend easily and what they do is play on her feelings.
Also, do note that girls are more intelligent than boys. Don’t know what happens in the field of love.

I had planned to write on marketing and all i did was get into money, god and me thing.

Then why was I wasting all your precious time with that👨‍💻.

Marketing is not something that you can grasp just by reading it in books and classes. It is something practical. Marketing professionals start with reading case studies and living in some of them. A chai-wala near you can be a better marketeer than a person with an MBA degree and ‘n’ years of experience. It all starts with experimenting. (Until you try, how would you know if this is going to work or not).

The above is the me version of marketing.It’s not that I or someone else can provide you with ideas and you try to implement them somewhere- sometimes. People are different, life situations are different and society is different too. Even gods are not the same for everyone.

When life gives you lemons, then you can either throw it at someone or eat it. The choice is all yours. To listen to yourself or to someone like me saying that I am going to write all about marketing and then I don’t even know what exactly I wrote.

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