I don't know why people are so scared of getting hurt... To learn, you need to get hurt... Do you think a child could learn to walk, if it never falls down... Do you think you could be where you are or where you want to be, just by playing it safe... No, life's not... Continue Reading →


To you who are reading this, you're there, already depressed. Today, I will not tell you that all will be well, that don't cry, this or that. I will only tell you that, YES, there are obstacles and difficult days, the more of which is not the end of the world. The sun shines everyday,... Continue Reading →

Crush Feelings

You just don’t know what to do exactly. You get angry. It makes you irrational. You post/message your feelings. Re-read it again after posting. Get a moment of self-reflection. It was not the right thing to post/message even, and you shouldn’t have done that. Just, how do you kill your feelings. It’s almost impossible. You... Continue Reading →


When someone gifts you something, they don't expect anything in return at all. Gifting is a pure intent by the heart. You want to gift someone something and you just do it. It is just like loving someone. You love them without expecting anything in return. If someone gifts you something and, it is something... Continue Reading →


What does it mean? A relationship basically means to stay connected. People may have different definitions for it, but this is how it is. You know that your crush has a boyfriend or may have a boyfriend or she loves someone else.... So, why do you still message her... Because, she's a nice person, that's... Continue Reading →


A person only messages till the time he/she receives a response or hope to receive one. Once it is not there, there won't be any more messages. Because there's a limit to each and every person. Not limit, but a inner gut feeling that there is no reciprocal. And, instead of getting hurt, it's better... Continue Reading →

A note to everyone

Don't tell a girl what she needs to or needs not to do. She has her own life to do with. So, any man who does that thing of forcing her is basically doing a crime... Hoping/Wanting a person to do a certain thing VS telling them to do a certain thing in a certain... Continue Reading →


Crush- A form of one-sided relationship where you have feelings for someone but those feelings are not mutual. It can be thought of as half-love. But what if it is mutual. Then, it's love, right. Having crushes makes us excitable and talkative. Like, we are not our usual self anymore. Your reflexes are heightened. Just... Continue Reading →

Crush to Strangers

Ever had a crush on someone?Ever talked to them?It is hard to not talk or start a conversation but impossible to forget.....Have you ever went ahead with sharing your posts everywhere hoping that your crush sees them and when they do, how does or would it feel?Awesome, Ok, Doesn't Matter, Bad, Who cares?

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